Custom colourways

In addition to the standard colourways, you can also order any of the patterns in your choice of over 70 colours and neutrals, onto either of 5 different base cloths.

It is easy to create your custom colour way:

1Select one of the five different base cloths.

2Choose your colours from the standard and colour and neutrals palettes below.

You can request a "dab sample" of your chosen colours. This is a small swatch that will show you how your chosen colours look on the base cloth you have selected. If you would like us to print a strike off of the design in your chosen custom colours before placing an order, there is a £60 strike off fee, refundable if the final order is over 20m. The minimum order for custom colourways is 2m.

Our standard colour palette

  • Royal Blood Royal Blood
  • Chilli 2 Chilli 2
  • Cranberry Cranberry
  • B+B Red B+B Red
  • Cloud Red Cloud Red
  • Chilli 1 Chilli 1
  • Cochineal Cochineal
  • Bermuda 2 Bermuda 2
  • Beauvallon Red Beauvallon Red
  • Husk 2 Husk 2
  • Candy Crush Candy Crush
  • Madder Pink Madder Pink
  • LR Damson LR Damson
  • Dirty Lilac Dirty Lilac
  • Blotter Blotter
  • Agnes Rose Agnes Rose
  • Beauvallon 5B Beauvallon 5B
  • Heather Heather
  • Poppy NX13 Poppy NX13
  • Poppy Poppy
  • Etruscan Red Etruscan Red
  • Coral Coral
  • Spice Spice
  • Burnt Orange Burnt Orange
  • Iron Ore Iron Ore
  • Smoke 2 Smoke 2
  • Old Gold Old Gold
  • Beauvallon Sand Beauvallon Sand
  • Cordoba Yellow Cordoba Yellow
  • Citrine Citrine
  • Aurora Green Aurora Green
  • Doves Palm Doves Palm
  • Palm NISX Palm NISX
  • Peridot Peridot
  • Forest 11Q Forest 11Q
  • Aubusson Aubusson
  • Sage Sage
  • Forest 11R Forest 11R
  • Chinese Green Chinese Green
  • Persian Turquoise Persian Turquoise
  • Aurora Aurora
  • Antibes Blue Antibes Blue
  • Bermuda 1 Bermuda 1
  • Aqua Aqua
  • Egyptian Blue Egyptian Blue
  • Delf Delf
  • Powder Powder
  • Beauvallon 1A Beauvallon 1A
  • Butternut Blue Butternut Blue
  • Blue Clay Blue Clay
  • Porcelain Porcelain
  • Moorish Blue Moorish Blue
  • Antwerp Antwerp
  • Quink Quink
  • Deepest Indigo Deepest Indigo
  • Indigo (with binder) Indigo (with binder)
  • Indigo Indigo
  • Blue Black Blue Black

Our neutrals palette

  • Khol Khol
  • Cinnamon Cinnamon
  • Beauvallon 2C Beauvallon 2C
  • Bamboo Bamboo
  • Grey 11V Grey 11V
  • Husk Husk
  • Grey 11S Grey 11S
  • Grey 11T Grey 11T
  • Grey 11Z Grey 11Z
  • Ash Ash
  • Beauvallon 7A Beauvallon 7A
  • Mink Mink
  • Beauvallon 5C Beauvallon 5C
  • Rocca Grey Rocca Grey
  • Smoke Smoke
  • Pewter Pewter

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