Rapture & Wright: Hand Printed Fabrics and Wallpapers

A different sort of Fabric and Wallpaper company

Since the beginning in 2004, our mission has always been to create a different sort of fabric company. One built upon the philosophy of producing beautiful fabrics and wallpapers, well made by hand in our workshop, while leaving the smallest possible imprint upon the environment.

Key to our plans was the creation of a quality British product. We sought out the expertise offered by the remaining British suppliers, at a time when the industry in this country was being savaged by off-shoring.

Our Sustainability Aims

2003Handprinted Fabrics and Wallpapers

With a portfolio of designs accrued during careers as specialist painters and scenic artists we are keen to diversify into fabrics and wallpapers. As designer-makers we are eager to follow in the footsteps of previous generations of British handprint studios.

In house production, we believe, would give us oversight of the entire process, allowing us to retain the integrity of the hand-rendered quality that sets our fabrics apart, while also setting a new standard for environmental sustainability.

We start to investigate.

2004Creating a sustainable product

A sustainable product starts with the raw ingredient - flax. The best flax is grown in Northern France and Belgium. Flax is a hardy plant that unlike cotton, requires few pesticides, fertilisers and little irrigation to grow. The process to turn the flax into linen yarns, ready for production, is mechanical rather than chemical.

We only print to order, eliminating overproduction and wasted stock.

2006Sourcing locally

We establish a network of UK weavers and finishers, ensuring the highest environmental and ethical standards and reducing the impact of transporting goods around the world.

Working with our weavers, we create base cloths that can be mechanically softened pre-printing rather than chemical softening post printing, the industry standard.

2010Waterbased inks

Working with a UK manufacturer, we develop a new water based ink that improves the “soft” feel of our printed fabric.

2017/18New print studio

We develop into our new print studio.

Central to our continuing plans for sustainable production is the development of the new ecological print waste treatment system. The first print works in the country ( possibly the world ) to install such a system, it is designed specifically to break down our print waste within the natural environment, through a series of living ponds.

New habitats for a variety of indigenous wildlife are created as part of the ponded print waste system.

The electricity for lighting and print production is switched to 100% renewable sources.

2020Biodegradable polythene

We reduce the amount of new polythene used in our packaging by 50%. In addition, we use recycled or biodegradable polythene where possible.

2023Recyclable Packaging

Reduction of non-recyclable packaging to zero.

2024Move towards self-sufficency

Installation of 300m2 of photovoltaic cells across the roof of the print studio. In due course, these will be linked to battery storage, a big step towards our ultimate goal of self-sufficiency by 2030.

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