Rapture & Wright: Hand Printed Fabrics and Wallpapers

Sustainability and the environment

At Rapture & Wright sustainability and the environment is at the core of every decision.

When starting Rapture & Wright 15 years ago, a key aim was to develop a low impact, in-house production studio. This would allow us to retain the integrity of the hand-rendered quality that sets our fabrics apart while also setting a new standard for environmental sustainability for the fabric print industry.

Key to this was the creating a quality British product, seeking out the expertise offered by the remaining British suppliers, at a time when the industry in this country was being savaged by off-shoring.

The following are some of the key points that illustrate how we have managed the development of our business to make sure that the environment is at the core of every production decision.

  • We use only linen. Grown in Northern France and Belgium, flax is a hardy plant that unlike cotton, requires no pesticides or irrigation to grow and can be processed mechanically rather than chemically.

  • We have worked closely with our weavers in Scotland to develop linen weaves that can be softened mechanically before printing rather than chemically, post-printing, which is the industry standard.

  • We print everything in-house, cutting down on the need to import from abroad.

  • We only print to order. Re-engineering our base cloths and developing soft hand inks, means that we can dispatch orders straight from the table without the need for post-print processing and softening. We only print as much as we need to negate wastage through overproduction.
    Printing to order allows us to satisfy the growing demand for bespoke colourways.

  • We have developed a new ecological treatment system, designed specifically to break down our print waste within the natural environment through a series of “living ponds.” This has already created new habitats for a variety of indigenous wildlife. We are the first print works in the country (possibly the world) to install such a system.

As a small manufacturing studio, Rapture & Wright believe that the hand of the maker shouldn’t leave an imprint on the environment.

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