As modern pioneers…
…we do things the hard way

Rapture & Wright are one of the few remaining studios in the UK that print by hand. The tools they use are simple, the process has changed little over the years. By adapting these traditional techniques, the ambition is to combine the subtle and personal results of hand production with a flexibility of design able to satisfy today's renewed taste for bespoke.

The design and production process goes something like this… (in brief)

The finished design is copied onto a transparent films. These films are used to "etch" the image onto the printing screens, (one screen for each colour).

The inks are mixed to match our standard colour chart, or your bespoke colour swatch.

Meanwhile, the unprinted base fabric is rolled out onto the print table and ironed down. The pattern repeats on the print table are set precisely so that each section of the design will match up when we print.

The first colour is printed and the screen washed while that colour dries. The process is repeated for the subsequent colours. The fabric is rolled and cut to the ordered length.

Small scale production is time consuming, it can take a day for two people to print 30m of fabric, but the results are beautiful and unique.

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