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Rapture & Wright wallpaper is hand printed and sold by the linear meter. These instructions are a quick overview of how to estimate the amount of wallpaper you will need in linear meters.

Our papers are hung using the overlap and cut-through method. Follow this link for instructions on how to hang our wallpaper. Please contact Rapture & Wright, if you have any questions.

All our wallpaper is printed to order. Should you under order and need to order further paper at a later date, we can not guarantee that we will be able to supply an exact batch colour match.

We always recommend that you request an estimate from your decorator to confirm quantities, before ordering your wallpaper.

To estimate the amount of paper, you will need the finished printed width of the wallpaper and the (vertical) pattern repeat. This information is available on the Rapture & Wright website or on the reverse of our wallpaper samples. Please contact Rapture & Wright if you require confirmation of either of these measurements. 

It is easiest to measure and calculate the amount of wallpaper for each individual wall. Adding together the quantities calculated for each wall will give you the total amount of paper required for your room. 

The examples below use the Albaicin Wallpaper with a finished printed width of 65cm and a vertical repeat of 32.5cm.

Calculating the number of wallpaper drops to cover a wall(see fig. 1)

Measure horizontally across the wall, at the greatest width, and divide the wall width by the finished printed width of the wallpaper. 

Fig. 1  shows a wall with a width (A) of 300cm. If the chosen wallpaper has a width of 65cm, the number of drops needed to paper this wall is 300cm divided by 65cm. This gives you 4.6 drops. Please round up to the next full drop, to allow for papering around the corners. 

Therefore, you will need five full drops of wallpaper for this wall.

When estimating the number of wallpaper drops, include all doors and windows while measuring the width of the walls.

Wallpaper drops
Fig. 1

Calculating the length of each wallpaper drop(see fig. 2)

Measure the height of the area to be papered (B) and divide this height by the pattern repeat.

Fig. 2  shows a height (B) of 250cm. If your chosen wallpaper has a pattern repeat of 32.5cm, the number of pattern repeats in each drop will be 7.7. Please round up to the next whole pattern repeat to make sure that you have enough paper in your drop to horizontally match the pattern in the previous drop.

Therefore, you will need 8 repeats of 32.5cm, resulting in a drop of wallpaper measuring 260cm (8 x 32.5cm = 260cm.)

Please note: Our Webb’s Wonder wallpaper has a half-drop repeat, the calculations for this wallpaper will be different. Please contact Rapture & Wright if you need further information about how to estimate for this wallpaper.

Half drop wallpapers
Fig. 2

Multiply the number of drops of wallpaper by the length of each drop. The diagram below would require 5 drops of 260cm. 5 x 260cm = 1300 linear cm (13 linear meters.)

Calculating the amount of wallpaper for the whole room

Follow the method described above to estimate the quantity of wallpaper needed for each wall.

Add together the total quantity of wallpaper required for each wall. This will give you the final number of linear meters needed to cover all four walls of your room.

We always recommend that you order an additional drop (possibly two drops for larger rooms,) to allow for any errors made when hanging the paper.